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The Giving Circle

Geelong Performing Arts Centre's Giving Circle - a new driving force 

Our region has changed significantly over the past few years. We are becoming a city that others are starting to watch: how we transform, how we innovate, how we look after each other, and more importantly how we set up the next generation with the right skills and confidence to navigate life’s journey.

Critical to this discussion is the role arts, culture and the creative industries will play in this journey. 

Here at Geelong Performing Arts Centre, we have long played a pivotal role in the artistic and cultural wellbeing of our community, and we are delighted to now play an important role in providing a platform to contribute to our region’s cultural future and in turn our social and economic future. 

What is the Giving Circle?

Our vision in the short term is to inspire 100 members who come together to learn, grow and, through the arts, create a lasting and life-changing impact on Geelong.

Our collective funds will be used to support our social change programs each year by expanding the centre's Arts for Life Endowment Fund through our Giving Circle. 

As a member of the Giving Circle you will be invited to exclusive tailored events, where you will meet and hear from dynamic Australian artists, cultural leaders and community members explaining

the development and impact of these programs and the arts in general.

Who can join?

Membership is open to everyone (individuals and businesses) in Geelong and across the region. Membership is $500 per year, which an be paid either annually or in monthly direct debit instalments.

Membership is fully tax deductible.

Please download the form below and send back AT NO CHARGE to:

Reply Paid 991
Geelong Performing Arts Centre
PO Box 991,

Click here to download membership form

I would like to join the Arts for Life Giving Circle and help amplify the impact of giving to my creative community.



GPAC will be in touch with you to arrange payment via credit card after form submission

Please Note: Arts for Life Giving Circle Membership will be active for 12 months from the date that your gift is first activated.

Members will be asked in advance of the date each year if they would like to make another gift in order to renew their membership, unless they have stated their multi-year pledge above.

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